Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu

We went to Gaya Street Sunday Market coz my hubby wanted to buy some tools to cut the overgrown branches near to our house. As usual, it was not easy looking for parking space. We parked near the Tong Hing Supermarket, imagine that! Jauh dan panas. Tahan sajalah.

The first gerai kami jumpa, jual handicrafts. We bought two signages with my sons' names on it. They said, they wanted to hang them on their bedrooms' door.

While waiting, we were interestedly watching the owners making key chains, frames etc. Laku pula tiba-tiba :)

When asked, the owner told us that they didn't attend any handicrafts school. They just watched other people do it and they give it a try. Wow! how nice. Free learning.

A very good business with good income too! They charged us RM3.00 for a very basic board and 50 cents for each letter. If you choose board with flowers or decorations, you have to pay extra RM1.00. But my sons were not interested with flowers :)

I spotted nice bags hanging across the handicraft stall. I thought of buying one but in the end I totally forgot about them as we moved along the street. But later on, I managed to buy a small purse.

A group of handicaps entertaining the crowds. They were playing a Shadow's song when we passed by. I took a video too. (will upload later)

This is the place where my son loves most. He likes drawing. Infact, dia sudah buat banyak sketches. Let see if I can curi-curi his sketch and post here :D

And what did my youngest son buy for himself? A T-Shirt with a picture of a skull - Sabah Borneo, Land of the Headhunters!


Anonymous said...

Lama i never jenguk2 gaya street ..mcm rindu plak last christmas tia ada masa go there ..hopefully this holiday nanti i ada chance jln2 mau makan sotong kangkung hehehe

InobongProper said...

wah sotong kangkung ka...hmmm..yummyy..

sy suka jalan2 di gaya street..cuci mata...byk barang dijual

last sunday..my anak bawa lagi pi sana...tapi i brought them to the zoo instead...nanti sy posting pasal zoo..

Dora A-Erb said...

I actually love to browse all the stalls at Gaya street Fair... but I just couldn't stand the scorching heat... matai. We did go once last year when we balik kampung though... David had fun browsing :) Thanks for sharing Phil...

InobongProper said...

ya Dora...siok tapi panas bah kan..a bit crowded lagi..sy takut pick-pocket juga bah that's why..kena hati2 kalo pi sana

tourists love to go there, I know :D

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