I took a day off the other day. I need rest from work. So I decided to visit the new hyper mall in Sabah. It is located at Jalan Sulaman near the Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Everybody is talking about this so I must go and check for myself. The reason for this visit was not to shop, though. I was told that everything is expensive and it happened to be true. So, we did window shopping only :)

Sabah new mall - 1Borneo Hyper mall
My first impression when I reached there, the mall is similar to KLCC

Since I brought along my nephew, the first spot we went
the Boo Boo Land

It was Thursday, so the place was not crowded
my nephew had the whole place by himself

Merry-Go-Round for small kids

After spending a lot of money at Boo Boo Land
we dropped by at Daiso, the most popular shopping lot
coz everything is RM5.00 only!

My nephew loves Mickey Mouse but he was scared to see the giant Mickey
my son had to accompany him for this picture taking

It was almost 3.30pm and we were starving!!

We had chicken rice!

and look who is tired..he fell asleep as soon as we had our lunch


Joyce G Asing-Cashman said...

Basarkan, Phil! Abis la kau round the whole 1Borneo. Kami hari tu, pigi mana yang sampat masuk ja...and yes we went to tha RM5 kedai, too. Cute2 semua barang diakan. Itu chicken rice bah, mekes me drool, LOL. Look so delicious!!!

InobonG ProPer said...

Ya Joyce besar tu tempat..tidak habis round...panatt sy jalan..active lg bah my nephew..sakit pinggang sy kejar dia lari2

chicken rice dia sedap...ngam lagi kami kelaparan :D

Dora A-Erb said...

Thanks for sharing Phil... when we were there last year, this mall was still under construction... So tetap nopo ngozon ku sungodo iti next year when we "cuti-cuti Malaysia"... hehe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil ..wah 1borneo looks really huge kan ..my sister pun bagi tau ..will check this out nanti december ..mesti grand lagi tuu time christmas kan

Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

Makin hebat sudah KK ni. Soon I will be able to say out loud here in KL "Macam di KK!!"

InobonG ProPer said...

I think..when u r here for holiday..visiting 1Borneo is a must..hehehe

Ya..besar..macam KLCC. Jangan2 dorang curi arkitek plan KLCC :)

1Borneo belum siap sepenuhnya..kalo sudah siap..lagi hebat mengkali..hotel pun under construction di sebelah

yes...kami di KK ini tidak perlu pi KL sudah hehehe

shirley said...

my office nearby saja... but i still have no time to jalan in there... kesian kan... i will find time to bring my family there soon

InobonG ProPer said...

biasalah tu...kita take for granted sbb kita dekat hehehe
bah..bawa lah ur kids jalan2 sana..budak2 saja bah yg seronok pi sana tu :)

Billy's Mom said...

Wah!! Mesti mau pergi sana ni nanti bila balik kg. :-) Aduh drooling sudah saya ni tengok tu chicken rice. Rindu sekali mau makan chicken rice. :-)

Valsonz said...

bah.. syok gia tu jalan2 sini 1borneo..

eksklusif juga tu tmpat oh.. haha..

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