Lok Kawi Wild Park Part 2

Here are the few pictures I took at the Zoo. There are many actually. I might upload them in Slide. But these are my favorite ;)

This bird posed for me :)

In a big crowd, I managed to take this picture

This Orang Utan also gave its best posed for me

This one too!

My sons hold a snake!

A wooden bridge located at Botanic Garden

The only Cafe, I think

Thank You, Come Again!


Billy's Mom said...

Berapa gia bayaran masuk pigi sini ni? Looks very nice oh. Oh yes, sudah pasti sekali kami akan singgah sini. Semangat eh! :-)

InobongProper said...

Hi Hilda

Fee masuk:
Malaysian adults (18 & above) RM10
Malaysian children (17 & below) RM5

Non-Malaysian adults - RM20
Non-Malaysian children - RM10

singgah saja kio.

Anonymous said...

Will sure visit the zoo in december ..nice photos phil

InobongProper said...

oooh ko pulang kg ka december? bah bagus lah...bring ur daughters to this zoo..they sure love it

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