Our Adventure Part 1

My hubby said, he wanted to go to our kebun. My children also wanted to follow. I don't want to be left out so I said, I want to go too :) My hubby called his sisters whether they are interested to go or not. Everybody wanted to go. Then it became a small group.

It was raining heavily so I thought my hubby will cancel our adventure. But after an hour waiting, the rain stops.

Our journey began here. Look how steep the hill is. But that is nothing. We haven't reach our destination yet.

Our first stop. My hubby found the territory ground. He also found out that the owner of a nearby land had taken a few meters of our land.

Then we continued our journey. It was slippery due to the rain earlier and some of them slipped off. We went down deep until we found a small river.

This was the real challenge of our journey. Look at my sis in law's son (in blue rain coat). He couldn't move. He was scared that he might fall down for the second time. It was very steep indeed. He waited until my hubby came to his rescue :) We called this place as 'virgin jungle'

While waiting for our turn to cross the small river, we found this fruit. My sister in law said this fruit is edible. It tasted sour but it should be sweet if it is ripened.

Our second stop. We found the marked stone. We planted flower near the stone so that next time it's easier to locate.

This was our final stop. A tree marked with red colour. I couldn't go nearer so I just zoomed my camera.

We found villager's fish pond.

Tired! and they were resting. Yes, I really mean resting coz our adventure is not over yet. The children were eager for the next journey coz we would be going to a waterfall!

To be continued...


shirley said...

it looks so interesting oh... the whole family having great time.. bah cant wait for ur part 2.. lol

InobonG ProPer said...

ok juga..banyak fun dan most important thing is..dpt exercise..jantung saya mcm sudah re-charge hehehe

bah stay tuned for the part 2 :D

Anonymous said...

Phil ..very good exercise nii and it is good cus smua family terlibat kan.
okay lain crita, oh yah want to ask u boh ..kotutun ko di Blasius odoii nohivan siapa surname dia nga pakalaja duiha BSN.KK ..nakasavo noh om kitanak iso ..saje muat boh cus mcm dari inobong jua dia tinggal

LydBytes said...

wahhh kamu pun naik time hujan baru brenti ka.. licin tu kan.. tpi tia brapa penat sbb tia panas... ba cepat2 sambung part 2.. heheheh

Life, Here & There said...

wah! so nice journey thru ur kebun...i missed kampungss...

InobonG ProPer said...

good exercise indeed..hilang segala stress :)
Blasius siapa ah? Inobong ni besar..tu pasal saya ambil nama Inobong Proper sbb kg kami lah yg asal..tapi kalo sy tahu surname dia mgkin boleh tau juga mengkali kan...hehehe

sy nampak korang pun tergelincir kan hehe..my sis-in-law and anak2 dia banyak kali jatuh..saya tetap maintain tidak jatuh..starring bah hehe
bah..nanti sy sambung tu part 2

InobonG ProPer said...

hi Amy
sy pun sudah lama tidak meredah hutan :lol:
but once we did it..mcm saya freshen-up..good for my jantung
kampung best! hehehe

Joyce G Asing-Cashman said...

Sioknya...itu kids must be yang paling excitedkan. Bah, can't wait to read the 2nd part.

Billy's Mom said...

I enjoyed reading your journey to your kebun. Seronoknya! Cannot wait to read the rest of it. :-)
Thanks for sharing!

InobonG ProPer said...

of course...itu kids tidak kesabaran bah..they always arrived first to our every destination :D

thank you..
i'm trying to do part 2 tapi been busy bah...sabar kio :D

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