Our Adventure Part 2

We continued our journey. I was always left behind coz as usual, I was busy taking pictures :) See the bushes in front of them, it was my mom's abandon piece of land. I didn't know until my hubby told me it was actually belong to my mom.

I laughed out loud when my youngest son thought that he found green apples! I explained to him that those were actually 'biji getah' yang masih muda. Kalo yang sudah tua, the colour should be brownish.

I just love this one. I've taken many shoots. There were a few buffaloes at the abandon paddy fieled with the birds (Kandavai - Kadazan name for the bird).

Another challenge for us. An old bamboo bridge. Yes, it was really old and we were actually so scared using the bridge. But all of us managed to cross it *clap! clap!*

This is not just an ordinary leaves. My hubby said this is actually a traditional medicine. If you experience itchiness on your body, just use this leaves and it can be cured like magic!

Look at them. So eager. They didn't even want to look back. At this point we can already hear the waterfalls.

The stream. It looked so fresh. We freshened ourselves here.

And finally, the waterfalls! But where are the children? They were already up there. I was the last one to arrive, remember :) I've taken a video of this waterfalls. I'll upload later.

Here they are! Our adventure should stop here. We should turn back and go home. But my hubby told my kids, if we proceed climbing the hill, we will end up at my dad's kebun. What? I was so tired already and I wanted to go home. But my children said they wanted to try. Oh dear!

My sister in law and her children turned back and went home. They didn't want to go. At first I wanted to follow them but my children were already up the hill. I have no choice but to be with them. Just look at the hill. It was steep and slippery. We started climbing at 5.30pm and reached my dad's hut at around 7.00pm and it was already dark. I was so tired to take pictures :)

ps. I'm at home blogging. Why? Because I didn't go to work. The only road we are using is flooded again!


Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I love doing stuff like this also in kampung. My mom and dad who has retired are now in Kudat and they will send me MMS everytime they went to a new beach spot... haiyah... tidak tahan oh!

Joyce G Asing-Cashman said...

Siok oh Phil. It's like an educational hike juga kan. Some things yang we don't know, we get to know like the daun for ubat gatal. I miss the green lush!, and the waterfall, santik betul. Di mana bah this place you all pigi hiking?

P/S Talked to my mum, dia bilang banjir juga di Penampang Proper and our house di Domis, surrounded by water. Nasib baik ndak masuk di rumah. Ada sikit air la in the toilet.

InobonG ProPer said...

hi Kay sjk
believe it or not..we used the same jungle for our walkathon last saturday :) walaupun kaki masih sakit masa tu...saya tetap join the walkathon..tapi sekarang...adoii..punya susah turun/naik tangga :D

InobonG ProPer said...

hi there Joyce
ya..very educational indeed..my sister in law yg paling pandai pasal traditional medicine..my kids pun heran daun boleh ubat gatal2 :D

banjir kali ini lebih teruk dari yg dulu..st michael school pun kena..actually my area di Inobong tidak kena banjir tapi satu2nya jalanraya yg kami guna utk keluar pi Donggongon tidak dpt dilalui..

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